I am new

Hello, I’m Jim Ford

We know that coming to a new place can sometimes make you nervous, so we want to try and make your visit a positive one. Whether you’re coming back to church or you’re trying it out for the first time, we know it’s a big step. Our hope is that you would feel welcome and comfortable with us at Thaxted Baptist Church.

Who comes to Thaxted Baptist Church?

Anyone is more than welcome. We have a mixed congregation who come together from a variety of backgrounds. The building has access for wheelchair users.

What happens at your services?

Every Sunday we have a service at 10:30am. Services tend to include the following:

  • We sing together a variety of contemporary and traditional hymns.
  • We have times of prayer.
  • We have readings from the Bible.
  • We hear a message linked to the Bible reading(s).
  • Sometimes we have opportunities for people to share experiences.
  • Every month we share Communion.

How long are the services?

The 10:30am service is normally about an hour

Will I be asked to do anything during the service?

No, nothing to worry about. Whilst a number of people from the congregation play an active role in our services, we want our church to be as safe and as unthreatening a place as possible, so you will never be asked to do anything you do not want to do.

What is the dress code?

The simple answer is, there is no dress code – we want you to feel comfortable, so just come as you are.

Is there a car park at the church?

The church doesn’t have it’s own car park, but spaces are usually available in the small free car park situated opposite the church and there is also limited street parking available along Park Street. For those unable to walk too far, it is possible to drop people off at the front of the church before parking your car. A larger car park is situated in Margaret Street, if required.

If you have any other questions you may want answering or would like to talk to someone, please come along to one of our services or contact us via the information on our “Contact Us” page.